Breeds Peace

“Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.”
– Nelson mandela

Vision & mission Our Ethos

  • L6 will be the premier nation-state capacity building firm
  • Improve prosperity of states at risk by assisting them to govern for tomorrow

Our TeamWho we are

After having worked for decades in difficult scenarios around the world, Christiaan Durrant – the founder – acknowledged how much the paradigm needed to be changed to tackle effectively and permanently issues, and the lack of an integrated services provider offering turnkey solutions and step-by-step guidance – L6 WAS BORN
  • L6 is a group of passionate and highly experienced individuals who have witnessed first-hand how good governance can spur industry to achieve remarkable things – including decreasing poverty, improving healthcare and education, and most importantly reducing violence
  • Our international team boasts backgrounds ranging from risk management to strategic consulting, from investment banking to logistics, resulting in a complete set of skills

ExpertiseWho we are


  • Government Policy Assisting policy makers in line with international best practices

  • Business Management Multi-disciplinary advisory, local to multi-national

  • Economic Development Maximising national and social outputs, leveraging client strengths

Outcome Assurance

  • Full spectrum risk assurance from assessment to quality assurance

  • Best practice risk management in Sea/Air/Land/Cyber environments

  • Overcoming the ‘Economic-Security’ paradox through integrated economic stimulus


  • Medical services in austere environments – ground and aeromedical evacuation

  • Sea/Air/Land logistics services in austere environments

  • Remote camp infrastructure

Natural Resources

  • Optimising fragile economies for Foreign Investment – reducing sovereign risk

  • Enhancing early-stage extraction industries

  • Revolutionary financial structuring to boost client return
  • Empowering developing states toward sovereign independence

Unique ApproachWhy us


- From problem identification to problem solving


- Moving away from a failed yet widespread donor/aid financial model toward successful free market economies
- We know how to solve the economic / security paradox


- Fair profit sharing & governance with local partner


- “We don’t stay in our comfortable offices”


- L6 operates commercially and focuses solely on the client state’s national interests


- Fast implementation
- Lean organization
- Cost effective
- best outcome / cost ratio available

Global CoverageWhere we have worked

The L6 FoundationGiving back

  • The L6 Foundation is a Not for Profit Organization that distributes meaningful goods and services to local communities located in L6 operating areas. From medicine to medical care and sports teams to educational books, L6 is committed to sharing its profits with the communities where we work

  • L6 also partners with other NGOs who are established in L6 operating areas to maximise the efficient distribution of support

  • Whilst The L6 Foundation donates meaningful goods and services, our ethos of ‘Prosperity Breeds Peace’ means we always attempt to deliver commercial opportunities to communities alongside any aid donated

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